Young Archaeologists’ visit to Ty Mawr, Llangors

We were invited to visit Ty Mawr, to have a tour around the site and to do some digging. We were all there at 11am and spent the first half hour in the classroom where the Ty Mawr owner Nigel Gervis gave us a talk on the history of the site and showed us some of the decorated plaster work found there. There was a Tudor mansion on the site which is shown on a wonderful map dating from 1584 which we were able to see. The building was very highly decorated and we soon learned that we would be excavating on a high status site. The mansion had been demolished by 1870 and it is believed that much of the stone work was used on local farms.
We left the classroom and went out to look at some of the many finds from previous excavations. Everything from decorated stone work right down to buttons and a nit comb. Ty Mawr is situated on the shores of the beautiful Llangors Lake with wonderful views and today…..sunshine!
We walked down to the lake to view the crannog, a man-made island dating from the 10th century. Stopping briefly for a short history lesson about the crannog, the only one in Wales. Onwards along the lake down to Llangasty Church and then back through the fields stopping to look at pillow mounds and ridge and furrow on the way.
ThenDSCN0505DSCN0503DSCN0498DSCN0489 lunch,sitting in the sun at Ty Mawr.Then the excavating began One of the leaders gave a short talk outlining the plan for the afternoon and we began work. The most exciting finds of the afternoon were three pieces of decorated plaster work which joined together to make a rose. A beautiful find which Nigel assured us was from the original decoration of the house. Nigel took the plaster finds to add to the collection of items he shows to visitors. We were all very impressed.
We ended with a “show and tell” session sitting in the shade. Our thanks to Nigel Gervis and family for their welcome and hospitality.


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