BBYAC – December 2015 – Christmas Party

In our December session Brecon Beacons YAC had the serious business of our Christmas Party.  We began by exploring the Christmas food, what we eat at Christmas today and how this compares to the past  – 1450, 1550 and 1850.  Firstly working in groups we came up with a long list of the foods and drink that we enjoy today at Christmas.


Then working as one large group we looked at a whole range of food types, and tried to match these up with the correct time periods.  Some of them were quite tricky as we didn’t know what they were, and somethings weren’t at all what they sounded like.  Do you know what frumenty is?  We didn’t!  Turns out it is a thick porridge like pudding with egg yolk, currents and spices eaten in medieval times.  Or did you know that collops of bacon have nothing to do with pigs, but are actually an Elizabethan mazipan like sweet dish.


We had a go at matching the foods to the time periods, and found we had multiple copies of some festive foods and drinks as they belonged to more than one period, and we had to move some around to get it completely right.


We then had our own Christmas feast as no party is complete without food.  After we had feasted we got our thinking caps on for a  mystery Victorian objects quiz where there were some great guesses all round, and some very funny ones too – some people thought that the hot water bottle was to wee in, and the winberry picker was a pooperscooper!  We finished our Christmas Party by honing our acting skills with a game of archaeological charades.


Another great session rounding off a fun and action packed year at Brecon Beacons YAC, with all members and leaders looking forward to another exciting year ahead.


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