BBYAC January 2015 – The Vikings Are Coming!

At our January meeting we were going to talk about the vikings. We had a big map on the floor and used it to ask questions about the vikings such as where did they come from and where were they going and why. As we worked out the answers we drew on the map and added place names and arrows to show where the vikings were travelling to. We looked at pictures of viking ships and viking houses.

YAC Jan 2014 046

We then asked ourselves if it would be frightening to meet a viking? And would you believe it, at that very moment, a viking burst in on us! What a surprise.


He was fully equipped for battle with shield and sword, dagger and spear, bow and arrow. He was wearing chain mail, a helmet and cloak and turned out to be very friendly.

He told us about how the vikings came to Britain and demonstrated all the weapons he had with him. While we had a refreshment break we went outside and he demonstrated the bow and arrow. It was very cold outside so quickly back into the hall where we split up into three groups. One group learned about runes, viking style of writing, and then wrote their names in runes around our map. Another group looked at viking treasure and copied some of the patterns on to the map. Our map became more and more decorated as we went along. The third group was trying on viking costumes and holding some of the viking weapons. I think this was the bit we all enjoyed the most, took loads of pictures of everyone dressed up and getting into the spirit of the viking age.

YAC Jan 2014 020

Last of all we played a run around game. The theme was True or False How much do you know about vikings? As it happens everyone knew quite a lot. We asked questions like were all the vikings tall and blonde or were they all warriors?

I think its fair to say that we all enjoyed the session and our thanks go to Mathew and Ben( the vikings) for helping us on the day.


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