BBYAC March Session – CSI Archaeology

In our March session we went all CSI, and used our skills to piece together the clues to re-examine and solve a medieval mystery – just who was it who stole the  master’s cakes, and was one of the kitchen servants really to blame?

There are a lot of similarities between CSI, solving crimes and archaeology – looking for evidence, identifying the clues, interpreting what they can tell you, understanding the context they have been found in, and piecing them all together to work out what they are telling you – so working to solve the mystery really helped us to develop our archaeological approach and thinking.

We worked in teams, to excavate in our dig box, to find our artefact clues.  Once we had all the finds, we had to work as a team to understand what our clues were telling us, and piecing together the pieces of the jigsaw to come to our conclusion…

Excavating to solve the mystery


So, who was it who stole the cakes?  Was the kitchen servant really to blame……

……we used our archaeological skills and spent two hours solving the mystery, you didn’t think that we would give you the answer that easily, did you?

But here is a clue… woof woof!


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