BBYAC January Session – Archaeology of Games

In January Brecon Beacons YAC learnt all about the history and archaeology of games.  What better way to learn and explore games that were played in the past that having a go and playing them ourselves.

We had a run around quiz where we found out about games dating back over 5000 years, from the Ancient Egyptians playing Senet, the Romans playing Tabula, to the first use of playing cards in Europe and the oldest gaming pieces in the world, some of them exquisitely carved to look like pigs!

We played a life size game of 6 Men’s Morris, with the YAC members as the pieces, which saw a team clad in high vis jackets take on a team in hard hats, in true archaeological PPE style, with the hard hats claiming victory. Here is the game is action!

6 mm

We also had a marbles shoot out Victorian style. The hit of the afternoon had to be Find the Ring, a street game from the early 20th century, but one of the oldest class of games which occur across the world, circle games.  It proved so popular that we made sure that we found time to have other few rounds before the end of our fun filled afternoon session.


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