BBYAC November Session – Medieval Medicine

On the 2nd November was the first official Brecon Beacons Young Archaeologists’ Club session, hosted by the Brecknock Museum, where we all learnt about medieval medicine with the help of our very friendly and somewhat tamed medieval barber surgeon, Roger.

With a group of the eager first members of the club, some of their just as eager and interested parents too and a handful of leaders, Roger took us on a tour of the gory world of medieval medicine – how barber surgeons were trained, how you could get a hair cut and a minor operation from the same person, how to extract arrows, trepanation (that is having a hole drilled through your skull to you an me!) and how a limb was amputated is less than 1 minute – all with a little help from Archibald the Leech and a good old dollop of honey!

With a fully array of medieval surgical and medicinal instruments and plenty of hands on demonstrations, there were some worried looking faces at times where members weren’t sure if they really were about to loose their arms or a section of their skull or whether Roger really had just diagnosed a patient by tasting their wee!  Although, Adam doesn’t seem too worried here even though his left arm is about to be chopped off!

Arm amputation

We hope that everyone enjoyed the session as much as we did, and a great big thank you to Roger for such an interesting and entertaining afternoon.


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